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Schaeffler maintenance products: Hydraulic Nuts

Hydraulic tools can be used to apply large forces. These tools are therefore particularly suitable for the mounting and dismounting of large bearings or parts with a tapered bore. Hydraulic nuts are used as a mounting tool. Manual pumps can be used to generate pressure.

HYDNUT hydraulic nuts can be used to press parts with a tapered bore onto their tapered seat. Presses are mainly used if the drive-up forces required cannot be applied using other accessories, e.g. shaft nuts or pressure screws.

The main applications are as follows:
  • Mounting and dismounting of rolling bearings with tapered bore. The bearings can be seated directly on a tapered shaft, an adapter sleeve or a withdrawal sleeve. The hydraulic nut can also be used for the dismounting of adapter or withdrawal sleeves.
  • Mounting and dismounting of components such as couplings, gears and ships' propellers

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